Property Division Can Be Addressed Through Collaborative Divorce

Divorce is hardly an easy process to navigate, both emotionally and financially. Making matters more complicated is the presence of many assets that are subject to property division, or the existence of high-value assets. However, collaborative divorce may offer a viable option for couples in Bronxville who wish to avoid the acrimony that usually characterizes divorce proceedings.

In a traditional divorce proceeding, the discovery process often involves gamesmanship. This ends up increasing the length of the litigation as well as the financial cost of the proceeding. It can also take an emotional toll on both parties.

However, collaborative divorce is a totally transparent process, which means that formal discovery does not exist. The two spouses agree that information and documents will be retrieved by the spouse who has the easiest access to them. Then, this information will be circulated between the two spouses and a team of professionals, including their separate attorneys, a neutral financial expert and a neutral mental health expert.

In collaborative divorce, every team meeting is dictated by an agenda that all parties receive ahead of time so that there are no surprises. In addition, at the end of each meeting, the discussions are summarized in the form of minutes, and the parties reach agreements. Then, the spouses are given particular assignments to complete before their next meeting, during which additional agreements related to matters such as property division can be reached. An attorney in Bronxville can provide guidance on how to navigate a collaborative divorce proceeding in a manner that will be personally favorable in the long term.

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