Collaborative Divorces Can End Marriages In A Peaceful Manner

Some people who are filing for divorce aren’t ending their marriage because they hate their spouse. Instead, they realize that they have grown apart and that it is time to part ways. If you are in this position, you might find that a collaborative divorce can help you end the marriage in a faster manner.

collaborative divorce means that you and your ex work together to come to the terms of the divorce. This can be done in a few different ways, but those ways still have the same outcome — you set the terms of the divorce settlement.

An informal process

Collaborative divorces are pretty informal compared to other forms of divorce. Instead of having to battle things out in court, you and your ex would meet in a neutral location. Your attorney and your ex’s attorney would both be present at the negotiations.

You and your ex will be able to work on any aspect of the divorce that needs to be decided upon. It is important to remember that you have to keep things positive during this process. Collaborative divorce won’t work if either you or your ex start bashing the other person or trying to make things difficult for the other party.

Many benefits

Typically, collaborative divorce allows you to end the marriage in a less expensive and shorter way. Since you aren’t airing out the dirty laundry in court, there is a certain level of privacy that occurs with collaborative divorce. Remember, if you go through a divorce trial, the trial transcripts are public records unless they are sealed.

Collaborative divorce also gives you more control over the items you feel strongly about. Since you and your ex are negotiating directly, you can work toward getting the assets and things that you want and your ex can do the same. With this in mind, you should make a list of the items that you aren’t willing to let go. Just remember that you likely won’t get everything to go your way since collaborative divorce is based on mutual negotiations.

Even though collaborative divorce is usually a process that is less stressful than a divorce trial, you still need to make sure that you take steps to protect yourself. Know your rights and make sure that they are respected throughout the process. Having your attorney with you can ensure that your rights are respected and that your negotiations stay on track.