Bronxville Child Support Lawyer

Seasoned Advocacy In Support-Related Matters

The amount of child support that is to be paid is usually set by child support guidelines and decided by a formula. If one spouse has a very significant income, the formula varies and the court has more discretion in determining child support.

When it comes to spousal maintenance (commonly called alimony or spousal support), New York courts don't use a strict formula. The amount can vary depending on the spouses' ages, incomes, employment opportunities and other factors.

Bronxville child support lawyer and spousal support attorney Joan Iacono looks for creative ways to meet the needs of the non-moneyed spouse or custodial parent. She also knows how to protect the interests of the moneyed spouse or noncustodial parent. Her seasoned and competent advocacy can benefit a client on either side.

Uncovering Hidden Sources Of Support

Joan Iacono uses professionals to help maximize the results for her family law clients. When representing those who are seeking support, she knows how to uncover and exploit hidden sources of income. For instance, employer-sponsored benefits are included as income under New York's family law statutes, but most people don't realize this. Joan Iacono is knowledgeable in many techniques for using other financial sources to increase her clients' bottom lines.

If you are the spouse with the greatest income, it is even more critical to have a highly skilled lawyer on your side. Joan Iacono's decades of experience can prove to be an invaluable asset.

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