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All divorce cases are complex. However, they can be made more difficult if the parties involved have high-value assets that are at stake. These cases require the attention of an attorney who has extensive experience handling high-dollar divorces and can provide the insight and confidentiality needed to deal with the related issues.
Attorney Joan Iacono at Iacono Law is a knowledgeable lawyer who has experience handling these types of divorce cases. She strives to uncover solutions to the various problems that may accompany a high-dollar divorce and put them to use for her clients. A skilled litigator, she is able to negotiate with opposing counsel or argue your case in court.

Property And Asset Division

When a divorce consists of many high-dollar assets, it is important to ensure that these assets are properly divided between the divorcing parties. For the property and assets to be distributed according to the laws of equitable distribution, there has to be a thorough view of just how much property and the amount of the assets.

In some complex divorce and property division cases, one spouse may attempt to hide assets in an offshore account. Attorney Iacono can employ the services of a forensic accountant to ensure that you get the money you deserve and that your spouse is not allowed to shelter any assets from division.

Business Valuation

Business Valuation

Clients often do not understand their rights to portions of the closely held business when one or both spouses have interests in the business. When attempting to determine the value of a business for division, Joan Iacono utilizes the advice and guidance of business valuation experts who can complete the appraisal. Determining the accurate monetary value of a business is important in a divorce. By making sure that the appropriate value is placed on the business, she can ensure that you receive your fair share of the business, or are compensated for the portion of the business to which you are entitled.

Attorney Iacono can also assist with alimony/spousal support issues as they arise.

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