Property Division, Alimony May Impact Financial Stability

Staying on top of finances after a divorce in Bronxville can be tricky for a number of reasons. First, the emotional roller coaster of divorce can make budgeting seem unimportant right away, and second, dealing with finances independently can be daunting for someone who is used to relying on a spouse to handle such a task.  A couple of tips may help with managing finances after a divorce involving matters such as property division or spousal support has been finalized.

Having insurance is critical after divorce. All existing insurance forms need to be reviewed, and beneficiaries need to be updated if necessary. Understanding the particular insurance benefits available through any policy is particularly important to ensure that they will actually be helpful in the long run.

Considering the tax implications of the decisions made during divorce is also critical. In some cases, a divorcee’s tax strategy might need revising, as the dissolution of a marriage can affect his or her tax situation in many ways. For instance, these impacts might include falling under a different tax bracket due to a change in income, getting spousal or child support, one’s investment strategy and the process used to handle tax returns in the future.

Managing finances can be difficult no matter what stage of life a person is in or how many assets he or she has. Divorce only complicates it. An attorney in Bronxville, however, can work to ensure that one makes the right decisions regarding property division and spousal support — for example, at the divorce negotiation table — to achieve the most favorable outcome financially, one that will remain personally beneficial for years to come.

Source:, “Finding financial stability after a divorce“, Alan F. Auteri, May 9, 2017