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The death of a loved one often brings emotional distress to a family. In addition to dealing with the loss, disagreements over the estate can strain even the most loving of family relationships. Attorney Joan Iacono has helped numerous individuals and families navigate through the difficulties of probate and estate administration. If a loved one has passed, contact Iacono Law Office in New York by calling 914-961-0565 or sending an e-mail message.

When a person dies, his or her estate must be gathered and distributed. Often, the deceased names a person in his or her will as the administrator, executor or personal representative. This person becomes responsible for making sure the estate is administered properly, including:

  • Inventorying the estate
  • Paying outstanding debts and taxes
  • Distributing the remaining assets
  • Filing tax reports and legal documents

Estate Litigation

Estate Litigation

In some cases, there may be an argument over the terms of the estate or how the assets are being distributed. These types of issues, often called will contests, are emotional for a family, as it is frequently family members arguing among themselves. Joan Iacono is a distinguished litigator who can take estate litigation cases in front of a judge or work to settle them outside of court.

As an attorney experienced in mediation and negotiation, Ms. Iacono has helped grieving families work through the estates of their deceased loved ones. She is skilled at working through the probate process, settling any disputes and transferring remaining property to the beneficiaries. She is also available to review filings and final documents, even those prepared by other attorneys, for legal accuracy.

Contact Iacono Law to discuss estate and probate administration matters. Located in Bronxville, attorney Joan Iacono serves Westchester, Putnam and Rockland counties of New York. Call 914-961-0565 or e-mail her office to schedule a consultation.