Providing Powerful Strategies And Creative Resolutions

At Iacono Law, New York lawyer Joan Iacono understands that every person is different, and that makes every divorce different as well. She helps her clients in Westchester County and beyond craft equitable resolutions to the breakup of their marriages and to the issues that arise. These matters bring with them a host of complex emotional, financial and legal issues requiring careful consideration of individual and family goals as well as a depth of resources.

While many attorneys steer their clients toward boilerplate divorce agreements, Joan Iacono believes that with the guidance of counsel, most parties can craft a customized resolution that works for them. She helps create a contract that resolves divorce issues the way the client needs or wants, and then she incorporates the contract into the divorce judgment. This is particularly important in highly contested and complex divorces.

Combining Extensive Experience With Up-To-Date Knowledge

Combining Extensive Experience With Up-To-Date Knowledge

Joan Iacono has more than 30 years of experience as a divorce law attorney in Bronxville. However, she still works hard to keep abreast of ever-changing case law and developments in the family law arena.

"I continue to learn and hone my techniques," says Joan Iacono. "I think a good lawyer needs to be constantly growing. I am a seasoned practitioner, but I don't rely on outdated information."

Leveraging Litigation Or Collaboration As Needed

Litigation is a powerful tool, but it's not the only one. Joan Iacono is sensitive to the fact that behind every legal issue is a human being or a family. She focuses on resolving even the most delicate issues quickly, creatively and amicably, when possible.

In many cases, a collaborative divorce is the best choice to resolve disputes without creating lasting hostility. It also provides the best opportunity for parties to create out-of-the-box child custody and support solutions. Obtaining desirable outcomes for clients need not involve hostile confrontations or stressful scenes.

To protect her clients and what is most important to them, Joan Iacono will not hold back. She is a seasoned litigator with well-honed trial skills and the determination to achieve her clients' goals.

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