Hire a child custody lawyer in Bronxville, NY

Protecting Your Parenting Role

Custody determination in New York is based on the child's best interest. In order to win custody, you must be able to show that it is best for your child to live with you.

Bronxville child custody lawyer Joan Iacono has extensive experience advocating for both mothers and fathers in Westchester County, Bronx County and beyond. As a testament to her experience and success in family law, she set a precedent in New York state through her efforts to award custody to a nonbiological mother. She is also skilled in addressing allegations of parental alienation.

"Every custody case is different because you're dealing with individuals and their unique relationships," says attorney Joan Iacono. "I take this into account."

Creating An Effective Joint Parenting Plan

There are several different ways to approach a child custody or child visitation dispute. If you want to reach a resolution through negotiation or collaboration, Joan Iacono has access to respected parenting experts such as child psychologists and social workers.

These experts specialize in fostering effective "joint parenting" techniques between couples who are divorced or who were never married. Joan Iacono can draw upon their expertise to help you create a customized parenting plan that works for you and your family.

Proactively Deflecting Potential Issues In Litigation

Proactively Deflecting Potential Issues In Litigation

Joan Iacono works hard to prepare clients for the fact that in a contentious custody dispute that leads to litigation, their parenting ability will be examined under a microscope. However, she can take proactive measures.

For instance, she may have her client evaluated by a forensic expert before the court orders it. This gives her insight into potential issues that may arise in court and allows her the chance to develop strategies for successfully deflecting these issues.

If child custody is going to be litigated, she also helps her clients develop a strategy or a theme that will satisfy the court's decision-making process. That strategy might include calling upon experts to show that one partner is unfit - or that both partners are fit but one is less fit than the other.

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