Hire a child abuse and neglect lawyer in Bronxville, NY

Assertive Legal Defense When Your Parental Rights Are Threatened

Few events are more traumatic for a parent than having his or her children taken away. If your children have been removed from your home, attorney Joan Iacono will draw upon her 30 years of experience to form a powerful strategy.

First, her goal is to get your children back into your home or with a close relative as quickly as possible, thereby keeping the children out of foster care.

Second, she will look at the issues that caused your child to be removed from your home, whether that was an allegation of physical abuse, drug use or another cause.

Third, as a seasoned child abuse and neglect lawyer in Bronxville, Joan knows what kind of evidence the New York courts need to see in order to make a favorable decision. If you allegedly failed in your parental duty to protect and provide for your children, she will make every effort to show the court that you have taken steps to correct the problem. That may include completing drug treatment, parenting classes or anger management classes.

Allegations of domestic violence are very serious matters. While many divorcing spouses make accusations of violence or abuse to disparage their partners or gain an edge in custody disputes, the courts are hesitant to discount the allegations.

If an accusation of domestic violence has been made against you during divorce, Joan Iacono will focus on finding a way to disarm it. Her confident advocacy and creative approach have benefited many clients in similar situations.

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